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Current Features

  • 5 Weapons: Pistol, MG, SMG, Shotgun and Minigun. Your current weapon can be seen in the top left corner, along with ammo.
  • Each weapon has individual recoil damage and rate of fire, and will have much more noticeable differences in the future.
  • The weapons have their own ammo cap, and ammo can be picked up when ammo packs randomly drop from enemies.
  • When ammo is picked up, it adds the same amount to all weapons, which will be changed shortly.
  • Player and enemy health is implemented, although the player will not die when health reaches zero.
  • Enemies randomly spawn a different blood entity when they die, as well as a chance to drop ammo.
  • A boss is also included in this test level, for testing purposes of higher health enemies.

Any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

A web version of the game will be added soon.

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Upcoming Features #1



I'm not so good with artwork, so I'm not putting much time into polishing the art just yet. Although, I do have some plans for the near future regarding how the game looks.

  • Different player sprite for each weapon. As well as just being common sense, this should help the player figure out what weapon is equipped rather than having to check the corner of the screen.
  • Varied enemy sprites, as well as better blood entities on enemy death.
  • GUI pop-ups when player picks up ammo, to notify how much ammo was picked up.
  • Basic animations for enemies and player.
  • Get rid of those horrid grey boxes....


The AI is currently pretty dull, and needs to be a little more advanced.

  • Advanced Detection - Currently the enemies only come for the player when they enter a detection radius. I aim to give enemies a line of sight, so they can't see the player when they're behind enemies or through walls.
  • Path-finding - Enemies don't actually try to avoid walls at the moment, but I plan to change that. Enemies will move out of the way of walls/objects rather than trying to run through them.


I plan to create the in game menus pretty soon, and I have a plan drawn out, it just needs implementing.

  • Create an options menu, to change volume and edit graphical options
    [resolution, fullscreen/windowed, brightness]
  • Start Menu needs to be added, so you can change options mid game, as well as pause and exit to the main menu.


Sound isn't too important just yet, but I want to have some basic sounds for everything in the game before I move on to polishing the mechanics. It also gives me a chance to take a break from coding for a while. I have no set plans for this department yet.


I'm not fully decided on how the levels in this game should work, but I have a few ideas in mind. I'll probably end up adding all of these, if they work well.

  • Random - I've thought of have a continuous stream of randomly generated levels which get harder, and possibly have a final level at which point you will complete the game.
  • Survival - A set map with waves of enemies which get stronger as well as come in greater numbers every wave.
  • Structured - Levels that have been manually created and you unlock the next once one is completed.
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Pre-Alpha Download

Pre-Alpha Download

Demo 1 comment

The latest version of the game, available for download. I hope you guys can give me feedback and ideas on where to go from here.

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