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Parkour through 20 levels to defeat the evil Munster Ror-Ror once and for all in Ultimate Parkour Adventure 2!

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UPA 2: Co-Op


So Jadako and I were messing around and play-testing on Unity and I remembered on an old version of Ultimate Parkour Adventure I added co-op, but then I removed it. It just didn't work. I really wanted to add it in this since it's the second game in this, but the old version really didn't work.

One of the problems was the characters were too fat. We made the blocks a bit bigger but that just made the game look easy.

I really want to make there 2 seperate levels. I don't mean like 2 different levels. I mean a copy of the level on one level and they both jump, but the problem with that is when one person goes to the top, both of them will get teleported to the second one, and we are just beggining different games.

Before I just made different versions of Ultimate Parkour Adventure until I was happy with it. I would make small games while I was making it, but they never got anywhere. Well, one did. It was Adventurer. It's a horrible game. I don't think you should play it.

So that's it. Sorry about how long this is.


UPA 2: Progress so far.

UPA 2: Progress so far.


So today we put UPA 2 on our sites and this is what we have so far.

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