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A real-time strategy game for PC and tablets with unique AI and gameplay set in the American Civil War. Designed by the creator of the popular mod series - DarthMod!

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capicholo says

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If you like realism and historical accuarcy yhis game is perfect for you,it simply does well what they do wrong in CA,it doesnt have a campaign map where you can do wahtever you want,but this is still a mesterpiece in terms of all the things you can find in its battles,including a great AI.Learn from Darth Vader ******* CA


Kingravel says

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A real tactical masterpiece in every aspect!
What a revelation! Great AI with many possible options to choose from, a very accurate representation of the battlefield and participating units, gorgeous yet very performance-friendly graphics (it works perfectly fine on my laptop from 2009), very deep complexity (morale, exhaustion, topography etc.), a dynamic campaign (if you suck at one mission, you'll feel it in the next...), astonishingly easy controls, great battlefield atmosphere ... or to put it simply: One of the greatest tactic-games I've ever played! Highly recommended!


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