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UFO Airlines is a simulation/strategy game that is inspired by games like "Mini Metro" and "Railroad Tycoon". In this game you are the boss of the newly started company "UFO Airlines", and it's your job make it an success.

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UFO Airlines


Hello everyone

I am developing the game "UFO Airlines". The game is inspired by games like "Mini Metro" and "Railroad Tycoon". In itself, this game is a simulation/strategy game where you as the head of the newly started company "UFO Airlines", it is your job to ensure the success of the company. Like in "Mini Metro", airports in this game are made by themselves (Or rather, they are made by the game's protagonist Davansken). Your task is to make sure to move the passengers around between airports in the company's new UFOs. And the most important thing is that you should avoid overcrowding airports. Because with overcrowded airports, your boss Davansken gets mad at you, and if he gets too mad, you will very soon lose your job.

You can also make improvements / upgrades to the UFOs in the game, so that they can fly faster and the UFOs can have room for more passengers, etc. In much the same way you can also upgrade airports so that they can also accommodate more passengers, and you can add more landing sites to the UFOs.

In "UFO Airlines" you has the opportunity to have a lot of control over how the passengers are transported around. For example you can decide which passengers the UFOs are to be collected at the airports, and which are to be dropped off there.

The game is still in development, but I think it's already pretty fun to play. So are you any way interested in trying out the game, you can find it here Gamejolt.com

Regards Jesper Kjær (JK5000)

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