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Two Sides - 2D Sandbox+RPG+Surivial Game, where player is one of the survivors, who

will have to survive in the several dimensions, fight with many monsters, and choose a side: Good, bad, or your way.

Features (for now):

  • - Carma System
  • - Pixel art Graphics
  • - Hunger and thirst
  • - Personalization
  • - Destroyable generated World
  • - Realistic health system
  • - Several unique worlds
  • - Agriculture and farming
  • - Heavy armor--jump height and your endurance completely depends on the armor weight

- Acrobranch

Features( nearest plans... ):

  • - Electronic Mechanics
  • - Hell & Paradise
  • - Animal farming
  • - Multiplayer


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World & Nature


Hello everybody. the last time that we have done and are doing, I said last Thursday, well today not only will tell, well, show.

During the time while we were out, we worked on all biomes, well, I'll just until the forest.

nature 1

The Forest prevails smooth surface and it is possible to find a grass that grows if it is not removed in time, the seeds of plants, flowers, animals, and small wooden structures with supplies, more about the way to plant seeds, so we decided to add agriculture. It is very easy to cultivate the land, planted the desired culture, water and collect it after a certain time.

In the Forest of animals running around the cows, pigs and other forest creature.

Well, not a forest as we did.


One of the main problems of the game was the interface that we have changed a little bit, some indicators have been moved, and some were even altered or hidden until activated-crafting menu.

We even though working on it, so I decided to you now to show how he has changed the way the indicator on the left-top of a new rate, damage parts of the body, it serves for that would suggest why the player abruptly began to walk slowly or why quickly leaves the blood .
All good-bye, next time tell you about how to survive if no houses with trunks and why you should not be on the ice in mail
Ending weeks of silence...

Ending weeks of silence...


A week passed and I decided to reveal the little secrets and something to explain about the fact that there happened.

LUA in Two Sides

LUA in Two Sides

Client Side Coding Tutorial

here is just a list of functions, methods, and macros that you can help


Great work, work harder and you will do such great game like terraria, and that is we all waiting for

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FlyOfFly Creator

25 line in changelog already done, excluding redraw,
and update release in the 7-17 August, it's update surprise you

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FlyOfFly Creator

Looking for an 2D artist, for a "two sides"

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FlyOfFly Creator

"hammer and anvil update" comming soon

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