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Two Shields is a small survival game where the only weapons for the hero are his shields. The goal of the game is to gather as many points as possible while staying alive. Points are gained by killing enemies, but the player has to keep the multiplier going by gathering loot. There are three different types of enemies that attack the player once they spot him. This game was created by a small team called "Team Two Shields" from Kajaani Finland.

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Snifti says

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Its kinda a modern arcade game.
It would be grate if some more gameplayelements would be implementet into Two Shields.


The is very fun for a quick 5 minute, or even an hours, i found myself playing the game for an hour!

Review Video: Youtube.com


uh..it little hard

This game is pretty fun but not a game that can be played alot. A few bugs here and there.

This game has/had alot of potential. For a game like this I expected there to be different levels and upgrades but well... overall 7/10


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