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Once the Tumballs lived in a wonderful land, full of water. Now the water has gone and it's up to you to get it back! Journey through 3 stages across 30 levels facing ever increasing challenges to free your friends and save the land!

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CaptainFred says

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It's a really fun game! I enjoyed playing it :)


DaVinMan says

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Fun little game and I don't feel bad about the $2.50 I spent on it today, but it needs a fair bit of work to be worth its full asking price. Needs better graphics scaling, a true full screen mode, scoring challenges based on timings, a more obvious use for the water/ways to lose it, a more obvious story arc, physics that don't get the player stuck to the floor, etc.

Anyway, to the author, it's a great first commercial effort and I think you'll have a great run in games if you keep it up!


kheatsopon says

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Nice Game For Playing While You're Bored
Wanna Get This Kinda Like "Wolrd Of Goo"


Karlnage says

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Fun little puzzle game! Simple to play, but it does get more challenging towards the end. It released with a few bugs which were quickly fixed, and there are more updates on the way. The only thing it really needs is more content, but the base gameplay is there and it works well, plus there's some replayability. Art style is good, it reminds me of super meatboy.

Things I would like to see are more levels, increased resolution (which is being worked on) level creator with some means of sharing them, maybe some more hazards and puzzle related mechanics to add some depth, and an Android release :)

Level creator is most likely asking for too much but whatever, I'd buy it if it was DLC.

This is a great first commercial effort.


Framer says

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This game has a very simplistic design and concept. As you can clearly see from the trailer, the gameplay mechanics may seem pretty simplistic as well but this isn't the case.

Tumball starts easy but there are some challenging obstructions that require good reflexes and a bit of thinking. The good thing is that the game is never punishing the player too harshly. Instead, the gameplay is presented as a relaxed and stimulating bouncing in well designed, though small levels.

However, I didn't like the low resolution of the game. You can increase the size of the screen up to two times (the second time the game is in full screen) but the resolution is too stretched and the graphics are simply dreadful (this is more evident with widescreen monitors). Also, I expected more of a story as well as a bit more varied and dynamic soundtrack/ sounds. Hopefully, the developer has promised a HD update along with some other goodies so keep your fingers crossed! :D

Currently, the game is on huge discount so, if you're into cute indie puzzle games, I'd suggest to give Tumball a go. Support the developer and let him know that there really is a reason for investing more time into Tumball. Even the way things are, a lot of fun can be found in the artistic and smart level design :D


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