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Experience what is like to be on stranded islands where only your decisions can keep you in life.
Try to find more survivors as you explore tropical islands and always be ready for a rescue by ship or a plane.
If you want to see tomorrow you need to grow vegetables and hunt animals with trap, collect fruits and stay away from dangerous animals and poisonous plants.
Your primary goal is to escape from these beautiful but deadly islands and there will be situations to choose what is less bad for you in order to keep you alive.
While you are stuck on this isolated archipelago you can explore rainforests, coral reefs, waterfalls, exotic animals and many more.



  • Open world map
  • Crafting-Inventory System
  • Day-Night Cycle and Dynamic Weather
  • Hunger-Thirst System with food poisoning and dehydration


  • Two endings game
  • Missions with more endings
  • Other human AI characters
  • Character conversations
  • Facial animation
  • Voice actors


  • Plenty of exotic animals
  • Hunt Animals
  • Being attacked by animals
  • Trap system for animals

Main aspect of Tropical Escape is story and missions that can lead you to success or more bigger problem but in that time all necessary survival conditions are included for game to be way more than just repetitive survival game


We want to keep developing game even after release, and if you support us we will implement multiplayer and co-op so you can play story with your friends and make playtime more interesting

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Hey everyone! Tropical Escape will be released on 15.02.2018 at 10:00 PM CET, We apologize to everyone for delays caused by college obligations. We sincerely thank you for your patience and hope you will enjoy the game.

In the meantime, we added German, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, and Chinese language. We are planning to further add more languages to this list and we wish you a great playtime, regardless of what language you are speaking.

Stefan Stankovic and Nikola Lackovic.

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