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Your friends dared you to enter the spooky house at the end of the street, but there was no shot you were going alone, so you dared them right back. As soon as you and your buddies jumped the fence, you all felt a presence take hold of you. You suddenly find your group inside the Trap House. The presence inside of you assures you only one member of your group can escape, but not without its assistance, as it seeks escape through you. Each room is filled with fire, blood covered spikes, shattered glass, killer bees, monsters, and iron maidens with little to no hope of escape. What would you do to ensure your own survival? Outsmart, outmaneuver, and outlive your friends in this 2-8 player competitive murder fest. How will you survive?

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Trap House Summer Sale!


Trap House is taking part in the Steam Summer Sale! Now through July 4th, we're offering 30% off to really get the community going! We're excited to bring new players into the fold, so we can see what they can create! We invite everyone to share levels, characters, experiences, and just about everything else. Come show us what you got!


Trap House is Live!

Trap House is Live!


Trap House is Live on Steam now! Leave your friends behind in this 2-8 player 2D brawler. Attempt to escape the Trap House while navigating through traps...




We are officially on Steam Greenlight! Please check us out and show your support! (Link in Content)

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