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The near future: Trains are no longer controlled by humans. Instead, artificial intelligence is used to handle traffic. Program the best AI, beat challenges on various maps and watch it fight other AIs in live, online matches!

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Apr 25 2013 Anchor

releasing of AIs
imho it would be quite interesting to take a look at the code of better AIs, e.g. as a code viewer for all AIs better than the own uploads (or more restrictive? Like code for AIs up to 5 places higher?). When everyone can learn from the best the game will be much more competitive - sure, one can just copy a successfull trAIn, but this is inevitable.

minimal code requirements
All callback events described in the documentation should be available in uploaded AIs. This doesn't mean that every function has to be fully implemented, but trAIn herders should be _aware_ of the API (my main reason for this proposal are those sad games, where missing ai.blocked() calls lead to boring FUBAR rounds).

Apr 25 2013 Anchor

i think the AIs are already available for download... read about it somewhere on the forum

if i think about it, i would prefer to have one server where AIs can be uploaded and protected from public

Apr 26 2013 Anchor

1. It is indeed already possible to view other's ais, by appending /upload/ai to the URL of the website. However, I am still open for suggestions on how to make this better.
I like your Idea of making it visible for only some people, depending on the score of their AI... I will give this some thought.
2. I see what you're saying... but if the only function that's frequently missing is ai.blocked, I don't think that requiring an empty function would really do anything here. The hard part about ai.blocked is that people would probably not know what to put there... I guess a better idea would be to contribute some default behaviours to the wiki, so some people could copy them from there.

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