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The near future: Trains are no longer controlled by humans. Instead, artificial intelligence is used to handle traffic. Program the best AI, beat challenges on various maps and watch it fight other AIs in live, online matches!

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May 31 2013 Anchor

- a call (with only 500 lines), when a function takes too long: ai.takenTooLong(methodName, train)
if the method has no train, train is nil/false

if ai.takenTooLong() takes too long ( :D ) it won't be called again!!! as this could be used for getting unlimited lines

- a game mode with all calls having 50000 lines
or maybe a specified number of recursive calls allowed (wich themselfes have a specific number of lines not counting to the actual call)

- and last but rly not least:
if it is anyhow possible: ADD A DEBUGGER!!!!
trust me man people would kiss your ass!!

Jun 7 2013 Anchor


Thanks for the feedback!

The first of these functions sounds good. I might implement this, although you can really already check for yourself whether you're running out of lines, and just handle it as an exception by yourself when you're approaching the limit.

I don't know about the second one... I want people to write AIs that can run in all game modes. It's the challenge, to write AIs that only take so many lines of code...

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