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Should I change map sizes? (Games : TrAInsported : Forum : Feature Requests : Should I change map sizes?) Locked
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Oct 19 2015 Anchor

With trAInsported now running on a new server, I'm considering to change the map sizes of the online matches.

However, this may make map-parsing take longer for your AIs.

What do you think? Should I increase the map size? It would still be random, so there could still be a small map every now and then, but the maximum size would be increased (currently I'm using a maximum map size of 12x12).

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Oct 22 2015 Anchor


In my opinion, you should increase the size. Maybe 20x20 for the beginning? It would mix up the list a little :)


Oct 23 2015 Anchor

Thanks for the feedback - I'll probably go for bigger map sizes in the next few weeks.

20x20 sounds like a good choice.

I do hope it would mix the list :)

Also, congrats on making the top 10!

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