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problem with screen resolution (Games : TrAInsported : Forum : Bug reports : problem with screen resolution) Locked
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Apr 17 2014 Anchor

This isn't really a bug, but a user created issue.
Here's what's happening, I'm using the Win version and my laptop supports 1360 and 1366 x 768. However, if I use those settings, part of the title bar disappears, and part of the bottom disappears behind the task bar, making the bottom buttons hard to read.
Being the curious little gnome that I am, I discovered that the trainsported.conf file was a text file.
So I changed the resolution settings to 1300 x 650, which is NOT supported by my laptop or your settings.
What's happening is that the game locks up periodically.
Maybe what's needed is a full screen / windowed option.

Hope this helps...

Apr 19 2014 Anchor


Thanks for trying it out!
There's been a request for a full screen version before - the reason I don't do it is because I figured that in all normal cases, the user will have the game AND a text editor open next to each other.
Do you need the fullscreen version badly? I could add a button which goes to full screen in the next version.
It's not difficult to add, I just figured we don't really need it...

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