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Love 0.9 (Games : TrAInsported : Forum : Bug reports : Love 0.9) Locked
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Feb 2 2014 Anchor

I recognized that this game only runs with the Löve engine 0.8 since there are features used that are removed in 0.9.
For example does

modes = love.graphics.getModes( ) 

not work anymore in 0.9.
Source: Love2d.org

Feb 18 2014 Anchor


Yes, I'm working on a port to the new engine, but it's taking a while - some things which I heavily rely on (threads, for example) have changed a lot in the new engne.
Löve 0.9 has only been out for a few weeks. I'm hoping to get it translated to the new engine in the next few days/weeks.


The version on github is now ported to Löve 0.9

You can try to run that using Löve, get it here. (Quickest way to get it running should be: Download the zip file on the right hand side of that page, then rename that .zip file to trAInsported.love and run it using Löve.)

Please note that this version will currently not connect to the main server - the server is still running version 4, because there are still some things I want to add/change before officially releasing.

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