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effect of calculating time? (Games : TrAInsported : Forum : General AI questions : effect of calculating time?) Locked
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Apr 24 2013 Anchor


do trains wait while the ai-functions wait for return?

or in other words
does it result in any disadvantages to always use the total numbers of lines per function?

thanks in advance

Apr 28 2013 Anchor

Hi, good question!
The whole game is paused while you're calculating. That's the reason why you may only use a set amount of lines...

So, no, there's no disadvantage when you use the lines up.

Apr 30 2013 Anchor

i got another question:

how are conflicting AIs processed.

to be more specifically:

how do you process (or how is it intended) buyTrain-calls in ai.newPassenger to the same position and direction?

thanks again in advance

Apr 30 2013 Anchor

At random.
One AI's ai.init is run before the other's, so the one being called first gets lucky...

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