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Cannot start the tutorial with ubuntu 12.04 (Games : TrAInsported : Forum : Setup and Running the Game : Cannot start the tutorial with ubuntu 12.04) Locked
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Apr 25 2013 Anchor

Hi, I downloaded and installed Löve 0.8.0 from love2d.org. Starting the trAInsported3.love the first time, some message about rendering are shown, then I could go to the settings dialog, switch resolution and so one. Up to this point everything is ok. But when I click on tutorial1 an error message is comming up and an the game stops. My son has a windows machine, there is everything fine, tutorial1 runs.

Looks for me like a file/path problem.
Can I do something to get it running on my Ubuntu?

Scripts/map.lua:296:attempt to index local f (a nil value)

Apr 25 2013 Anchor


This is a very interesting error. It's crashing in a debug function that should not even be called.
What's happening is that it looks for a file called Log.txt which it seems to find (I don't know why it finds it, it shouldn't be there!) but then it can't write to it.
Can you confirm that there is a Log.txt in either the game's directory or in the ~/.local/share/love/trAInsported/ directory?
If such a file exists, please move it or remove it and then retry.

I will change this behaviour for future game versions, so that it doesn't accidentally find this file when it's not meant to.

If you can't find the file or if it's still not working after moving it, let me know and I'll send you a version without this debugging code.

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Apr 27 2013 Anchor

thanx for the hint. Definitely In ~/.local/share/love/trAInsported/ wasn't a log.txt file but in my home directory. It was read-only, I deleted it, and everything runs fine.

Thx for quick help.

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