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A new kind of RPG awaits you. A story-rich dungeon crawler with innovative real-time combat that lets you pause or slow time. Tactical thinking is essential to succeed. Enter the mysterious Tower of Time and experience the incredible adventures that lie within.

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xKeiro says

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Extremely good game, and it absolutely shows that the people made it are gamers themselves. No glorified made up terms for everything just so they can differentiate themselves mana is mana, hate is hate etc. The game looks absolutely stunning, and runs smooth (on my system). The UI looks great and the description of items/skills are clear and easy to interpret. There are soo many suprisingly neat things about this game that it would take quite a while to list them all, and as for the gameplay/combat well it certainly beaten all my expectations.

Color me impressed.


VitaminK says

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Solid game with a good mix of genres that is rarely done let alone done well.

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