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Total Rendition is a first-person role-playing game where you use your wits in variously covert or violent ways, in order to survive in a post-truth world. It is set in the Dutch village of Noordwijk-aan-Zee, famous for being a resort to important political figures from all over the world. In Total Rendition you become Tzipora Herzog, who reluctantly works as private security and intelligence contractor to service her student debts. She is charged with protecting a scion of a wealthy yet dysfunctional family, although soon finds herself targeted by a rogue Cold War era stay-behind army that is still active. Total Rendition emphasises player choices. Every choice you make affects the story and the overall gameplay experience. Can you find out the truth? Immerse yourself into the first-person role-playing game set in the very world of post-truth politics!


Total Rendition can perhaps be traced back to experiences from the development of Fifth Column, another title involving Mordechai Gabai, the creator of Fifth Column. Mordechai Gabai mooted the idea of making a game offering a similar gameplay experience, yet with a narrative more directly confronting realities of this world, inspired by the real-life events revolving groups such as the Brabant killers and ODESSA and the GLADIO scandals in the Netherlands, Turkey (Ergenekon) and Italy (Anni di piombo).

While being hosted by sympathetic individuals elsewhere in the Netherlands, Mordechai Gabai drafted the first documents of Total Rendition in 2018, near Joure, Friesland, a month prior to his self-exile to Scotland (in order to escape a large-scale harassment campaign undertaken by V.S.L. Catena, one of Leiden University's confraternities). The foundations for the development house & publishing company of Total Rendition, Schizotypy Studios, were laid down at the site of the famous Boleskine House, near Inverness in the Scottish Highlands.

Total Rendition prototype was eventually built at the Dundee Makerspace between March and May of 2019, after which the McStalking case (a SLAPP launched ostensibly at the behest of Dundee Contemporary Arts) forced Mordechai Gabai to relocate to Edinburgh, where development for most part has continued since. Besides Edinburgh, Total Rendition was also built in public libraries and squats in Manchester, England as well as in a trailer on the countryside of Northern Wales.

As important as the intended end-result is the means how Total Rendition is being developed. Namely, by incorporating lessons from the open source community and guerrilla warfare into its project organisation strategy. Yet ultimately, Total Rendition aims to recreate the kind of gameplay experience familiar from seminal titles released in the 1990s and early 2000s, with contemporary technical means.


  • Fight off the remnants of a Cold War-era stay behind network turned rogue!
  • Develop your own strategy and tactics in order to survive.
  • Delve into an immersive world where clever thinking is rewarded and impulsiveness may cost you dearly!
  • Face horrendous moral dilemmas forcing you to make choices that matter.


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About Schizotypy Studios

Schizotypy Games makes narrative-driven games, showing you a world from the eyes of undesirables. It is currently working on Total Rendition, although you can already play early prototype versions of it on Itch.io!

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