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Torn is a sandbox survival MMO game developed for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is heavily inspired by Rust Legacy by Facepunch Studios. This project was initially started because of a lack of good Rust clones that try to recreate Legacy's gameplay in a way that we'd enjoy. Our beliefs are simple, video games are not real life so there is no need to explain how a feature or item is logical because it's a game we can make whatever we want. I personally think that's the main thing holding most survival games back. I'm always seeing people take to reddit to argue over whether it makes sense that you can craft a military grade weapon from random stuff you find in the game. One time I heard from a developer that being able to research a military end game type weapon (so that you can always craft it) would be too OP (overpowered). Of course it's his game I have no place to argue with that but I think that's the complete wrong approach our game won't follow any unspoken rules.

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