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An epic platforming puzzle-adventure, 13 years in the making.

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Even though the graphics are bland and most music used in this game are forgettable, what stands out in this game is the level design and little details that add a lot to the setting. It's clear the creator put a lot of effort into those.
One puzzle or another can be a little too obscure to figure out, but the creator was kind enough to offer help with that.
One issue that I ran into often were glitches... yeah, this game is REALLY glitchy. Some were just annoyances, like collision detection issues, or me not being able to throw an item I was holding (this happened a lot during a certain boss). Others forced me to reset the game, like having my character going out of bounds. Also, if you pause the game and the music tries to loop, the music will just stop playing.
My main beef with this game is with the bosses. The first few bosses are pretty cool, but the later ones can be really annoying. The reason is that it can take a lot to figure out how to damage them. Each boss has several attacks and you need to figure out which attack opens a breach to attack the boss and how to exploit that breach (which item you'll have to use and how you're supposed to use it). It's a lot of trial and error. And once you figure out how to properly attack the boss, it decides to change phases, executing new attacks and once again you're forced to figure out everything. It kinda reminds me of some bosses in Zelda games, but this game executed that very poorly. Granted, the bosses have very interesting attacks and patterns, it's just all the guesswork that ruined the fun for me. The last boss is the worst of all...
Still, I recommend this game. I've had fun with it, for the most part. And maybe some people won't even care for the issues I pointed out.

Bloody Brilliant Game.

Good game.


Really hard, somewhat cliché, but overall well made and satisfying old-school platformer. It really shows that it was made with passion.


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I always wanted to make a game like that! I mean, to really work on it, alone, for 10+ years and really make the game I want! Big ups to the author!


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