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Moubootaur Legends is a fantasy world always evolving, a fully open source MMORPG project developed by the community and for the community, with freedom of choice and where players can permanently change the world (for all players), and contributors can fully express their creativity. We believe that players should be rewarded for merit, and not for game time or luck. In this game, the player is given the opportunity to permanently change the world and its story, affecting all players forever, mainly by events and quests. The players are free to decide how they want the world to develop, and their actions change the storyline, besides always being able to join the Development Team. The game runs in the ManaPlus client, freesoftware, and open source.

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Finalroge says

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Game features loads of customization options with stat/skill builds. You pretty much build your own unique class as well from the 4 available skill trees that you can pick from, not a tree you advance through, but of all the skills available in the game you can choose the exact ones you want. Loads of gear choices, including enchanting, card slotting, and dyes. If you ever enjoyed ragnarok online, you will love TMW2


Xanthem says

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Awesome game that is still being developed! Community is strong and great and content is diverse and fun! I've been playing for over a year and I love it :D


DiamondPython says

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The community is just awesome! Everyone is so nice and the devs are working so hard to make this game better. And it's free!