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Moubootaur Legends is a fantasy world always evolving, a fully open source MMORPG project developed by the community and for the community, with freedom of choice and where players can permanently change the world (for all players), and contributors can fully express their creativity. We believe that players should be rewarded for merit, and not for game time or luck. In this game, the player is given the opportunity to permanently change the world and its story, affecting all players forever, mainly by events and quests. The players are free to decide how they want the world to develop, and their actions change the storyline, besides always being able to join the Development Team. The game runs in the ManaPlus client, freesoftware, and open source.

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This year, our Valentine Day event will have illustrious guests from The Mana World. Check out the details and how to participate!

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Valentine Day Event 2020
Start Date: Thursday, February 13, 2020, 00:00:00
Final Date: Sunday, February 16, 2020, 22:59:59

About the event!
This year, we'll be making an inter-server exchange!
Players from The Mana World will honor us with their presence as guests, and we will be having the event on a single server this year. (And our server was chosen to host Valentine)

Instruction for TMW players can be found on TMW Forums

Connecting to Moubootaur Legends Server
Select "Moubootaur Legends" server on ManaPlus list, or add a new one:

Name: Moubootaur Legends
Address: server.tmw2.org
Port: 6901


  • You can reach the Event Place by talking to the Soul Menhir on Candor.
  • You can obtain a weapon by talking to Soul Stone.
  • The initial event area is very crampled, but an additional, bigger area will be made available on the 14th :>
  • Event details might change without prior notice, but we will try to keep players posted of updates on The Mana World forums.

Prizes will be given on both servers to Top Players. Anyone can participate!
During the event, we will provide weapons!

Event Details

  • Event Begin: After the event begins (it is announced), Soul Menhirs and the special
    `@toevent` command will allow players to warp themselves to the VALENTINE ISLAND.
  • Event Monster: On this island there’s a special monster, the Lovely Fluffy. These fluffies drop two special, exclusive items: LOVE LETTER and BOX OF CHOCOLATE. There’s also other monsters and drops on the event areas, please be careful.
  • Sending Chocolate: Players can ask Demure NPC to send their Box of Chocolate to
    someone else. They get 1 point per chocolate. If they attach a Love Letter to it, they can get up to 10
    extra points – 1 point per chocolate box.
  • Receiving Chocolate: Players can collect the chocolate which they received from Demure. If someone sent a Love Letter, the player will be informed of the sender’s nickname. Players can then eat this chocolate to get points, 1 point per box.
  • Don't give away gifts: A player cannot send a box they’ve got as a gift. They are impeded to send new chocolate until they eat all the chocolate gifted to them.
  • Don't eat what is not a gift: Players must send the chocolate to someone in order to count. If they eat the chocolate without receiving as a gift, they will not get any points from it. They can, however, send the chocolate to someone random or to a GM.
  • Scoreboards: The scoreboard is updated twice every day: At 11:59 and 23:59 UTC. You can see how many points you have in real time, though.
  • If you need to play alone: Send your chocolate to the Monster King, and you'll still get points for it!

It will be fun, so come play with us!

Happy Valentine!

-- TMW2 Team

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