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Moubootaur Legends is a fantasy world always evolving, a fully open source MMORPG project developed by the community and for the community, with freedom of choice and where players can permanently change the world (for all players), and contributors can fully express their creativity. We believe that players should be rewarded for merit, and not for game time or luck. In this game, the player is given the opportunity to permanently change the world and its story, affecting all players forever, mainly by events and quests. The players are free to decide how they want the world to develop, and their actions change the storyline, besides always being able to join the Development Team. The game runs in the ManaPlus client, freesoftware, and open source.

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From July 20th to July 31st (Summer Vacations), access to our special event/test server will be available for everyone, for the greatest event we have ever done (in our lead dev opinion, at least)

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It's July, time for vacations, and why not an event?

During the 11 days which mark the end of July, we will be opening access to our secret test/event server for possibly the biggest event we have ever done. All rewards will be given at our Official Server, and some experience acquired during the event will be transfered to our Official Server.

The challenge is to defeat the Monster King*, undefeated since the official server went live, in only 11 days. For that to happen, in the event server, not only we will skip most of the world story, but EXP and DROP rate will be boosted absurdely. Players will start with a good head-start as well: But will that be enough to make the Impossible to happen?

The great reward, to be given on Official Server for highest score, is the Supreme Bow, Tyranny. There is only one of this legendary item in the world, and it can be yours!

There are additional prizes for several milestones which will help you to get a better ranking, but more important than the rewards, is to have fun!

Moubootaur Legends was founded in January 2018 in hopes to bring players fun. It is open-source, and anyone can contribute. We aim to have a meritocratic game, where you have freedom of choice to decide your fate and, ultimately, the fate of the world. The world is constantly evolving, and even old players should have a refreshing experience during this event.
The event details can be found on our website.

This is an Open Beta Event. In other words, we're not only trying to make a good, solid event, but we are also trying to identify the highest amount of bugs as possible, as well as testing the server capabilities. Because that, server may be unstable and present downtimes. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience it causes.

*: The reward will be given to whoever obtains the highest overall score, not to whom defeat the final boss Monster King.

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