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The perfect combination of RTS and Action-RPG in an immersive open-world sci-fi setting created by one man.

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Jul 2 2015 Anchor

In an alternative world, history has changed since the clash of 2 super powers, the Pandora Forces and the Chrono Force Alliance, within earths orbit about 38,000 BC. After the battle between their both heavily damaged mother ships one of them crash landed in the antarctic, the other disappeared in space. At the same time, another super power from a parallel universe detected the distortion of time and space that this massive fight above earth caused. By tracking it back to its source the Asen were able to enter our universe and find earth, a planet they call Midgard - the human world.

The Asen are an ancient species that arose from the extinct left-overs of an other race in a parallel universe called Asgard. Even though their technology is mostly of organic nature, it is superior to the other factions. But their desire to keep their military technology as simple and controllable as possible while basing on strong and presice Hit'n Run attacks as well as using its potential for civil purposes, creates many weak-points where the other factions can establish countermeasures. Guided by Medusa, they discovered and colonized several other worlds where they founded communistic societies and established a peaceful co-existence with natives, enviroment and Asgardian life-forms. However, Earth is a special case because of the many problems that arise and the permanent threat of the Pandora Forces.

Since that eventful day, the human world was splitted into two sides. One, mostly present in the northern hemisphere and center of Australia, supports the Asen and live by their codex. The other side is much bigger and is robbing earths resources destroying the enviroment, constantly seeking to conquer and steal Asen-technology.

The Pandora Forces once started as machines, but after they crash-landed on Earth, they were almost annihilated. Only their leader, Sattania, survived and she was doomed to rest thousend of years under the thick glaciers of Antarctica. After she finally broke free from her prison, she started to take a new step in evolution. From that day, the Pandoras are no longer mind-controlled machines, but anorganic life-forms with their own mind and inherited hatred for mankind. This step took away the only weakness the Pandoras had. Now they want to eradicate mankind to negate the existence of the Chrono-Force-Alliance.

But the Pandora Forces werent standing by and doing nothing. Their goal is to eradicate mankind and their evil spirit from existence which the Asen are constantly trying to prevent. The machine-like creatures declared the Antarctica to their home. Within its heart lies a giant fortress protected by a never ending winter storm and temperatures below -140° C.

The member races of the Chrono-Force-Alliance are descendants of mankind, that lived in exile in a supposed distant future. Natural selection was pretty cruel to them and without genetic modification they would not survive the harsh conditions of other planets and space. So they look like humanoid reptiles with about 95% genetic similarity compared to human DNA. When the Pandora Forces attacked to gather controll over the Milkyway galaxy, the offsprings of humanity united. The Pandoras where cornered to the point where the machines had to rely on ancient alien technology to repair a supposed time machine which was found on an isolated planet. They wanted to travel back in time, to annihilate mankind and fulfill their goal. To human descendants discovered their plans and forged an alliance. The Chrono-Force-Alliance was born. In a great battle between the two super powers, only Diploducas, guided by Ikx, managed to follow the machines mothership, the Pandora Sun, through the wormhole and arrived at earths orbit 38.000 years BC.

The Chrono Force Alliance on the other hand drifted through space for thousands of years. All this time their surviving members slept in stasis capsules until their ship wreck reached an earth-like planet in one of the Gliese systems, about 20 light-years away from our solar system. In just a few hundreds of years, they built a huge empire within their system including a jump bridge to reach our solar system. Their only desire is to settle scores with the Pandora Forces for good and conquer back their former home planet.

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Oct 3 2015 Anchor

Not bad. :)

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