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The perfect combination of RTS and Action-RPG in an immersive open-world sci-fi setting created by one man.

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Mar 30 2016 Anchor

Changle-Log for the Pre-Alpha:

2016-06-11: Version 1.2.2

⦁ Tooltips for Ore and Ore-Field
⦁ Dummy-Icons for Attributes in Perk-Store
⦁ AIA (Artificial Intelligence Assistance) System
⦁ Main Menu
⦁ Shellmap Test01
⦁ Skirmish Menu - A skirmish game can now be adjusted and initialized by the player
⦁ Music: Machinimasound - Alien Abduction (Pandora Forces super-weapon)
⦁ Unit: Kubus including voice
⦁ Attribute Modification system
⦁ Sound Effect for U.N.I Fighter Missile Launcher
⦁ Gamemode: Skirmish
⦁ Map: Asgardian Hills (Alpha)
⦁ Cloaking & Detection Mechanics
⦁ Props: Tons of trees
⦁ Mineral Field
⦁ AI now has difficult level based reaction time

⦁ The games mechanic from non-deterministic to deterministic to guarantee state synchronisation (important for multiplayer and performance improvements)
⦁ Ingame, in "Pause Menu", the "Quit" button now leeds to Skirmish Menu
⦁ Test map has been removed
⦁ Tooltips now only show up when there is something to show

⦁ Deployed Siege Tank tried to target units out of range
⦁ Some AI issues

Known Bugs / Issues:
⦁ AI places structures inside resource fields (its like a dog that refutes to do its business outside).

2016-04-17: Version 1.1.0

⦁ Tooltip system for objects and interface.
⦁ Tooltip information based on .xml files and multi-language use for mod-support. (Only GERMAN and ENGLISH for now)

⦁ Radar is now based on a render texture instead of a camera placed over the UI for performance improvements in the future.
⦁ Player name AND unit name is now shown above health bar.
⦁ Minor Framework improvements.
⦁ The game starts paused so you actually have a chance to record the game and control its start.
⦁ The button overlay for production was made darker to better illustrate the construction progress.

⦁ Harvester AI now starts processing after harvester is built.
⦁ Hailstorm Artillery was unable to attack.

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Apr 2 2016 This post has been deleted.
Apr 2 2016 This post has been deleted.
Apr 2 2016 This post has been deleted.
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