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Thrust Control is a game designed for Windows, Mac and Linux, in which you control a small spaceship. Your goal is to escape from a series of rooms while subject to such impositions as gravity, drag, limited fuel and enemy fire.

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Orpheusftw says

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Very much feels like many of the Windows 95 era games I used to play. Simple, but extremely polished presentation with crisp, distinct graphics and pleasant, suitable music.

I prefer to play it with the arrow keys like the good ol' days, however I feel the gamepad controls could use a little tweaking. Pressing 'up' on the stick to thrust is a far sloppier endeavor than the digital control of the arrow keys, where you have a finger for each button. I might suggest the dev move the thrusters to the triggers, or even one of the face button, leaving the stick solely for aiming.


Zombie_James says

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Game plays great, lots of fun and just enough challenge that it's enjoyably frustrating.

Works with my fight stick, making it feel like a really polished arcade game.


_Lōw_ says


goku_ssj_uk says

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