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Those Days is a third person shooter survival horror game where players step into the foot of Grendall Redwick an interesting character with a personality and attitude, that can autonomously do some stuffs on his own. Although the game have no set objectives or main story, players can discovers can get to uncover the backstory of the game as they play, they can discover things, documents, tapes and many more. Grendall can also have flashbacks when he comes into contact with things relating to his past. Players can use vehicles, join other survivor factions, attend to Grendall needs, hunt, and survive different classes of Zombie-Like Creatures that can adapt and constantly evolve and also become more intelligent called VMPs (Vamparic Mad Persons), Survive natural disasters such as hurricanes and many more!

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The world you see today was a paradise yesterday, once bustling with life and activities. How did it all happen? Keep an eye on THOSE DAYS - by Nixalon Studios.

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Once upon a time there lived a land full of life, full of fun, full of love, a tourist paradise, home to different flora, faunas and even the most rare beings that was Wyncliff the world of THOSE DAYS......So how did it all happen? what really happened? can it really be saved? Maybe some of this answers can only be uncovered in the game...play through THOSE DAYS and understand the whole story for yourself, the same game, different ways to play and different vintage points depending on your play style and where you start from.

Look and tell us what you see, because they say a picture is worth a thousand words......

Screenshot 1527 1

This park was once filled with joy and laughter, and picnics....

Screenshot 1367 1

........they use to sell the best beers here......

Screenshot 1409 1

.......Once the busiest city centre.....with vehicles horns....and chatters on the streets.....

Screenshot 1538 1 1

..........what is this place?.........could it be a secret facility where the genesis of this infection started or is it just another random old creepy building???

Screenshot 1507 1 1

A quarantine facility out in the middle of nowhere? how comes the government never mentioned it???

Screenshot 1183 1

...........sometimes it's safer to live out here with the rest of the animals and listen to the songs of the birds than in the city with creatures i just don't understand....

Screenshot 1390 1

......this is definitely the handi-works of the hurricane...........i'm suspending Hurricane Navidah.

Screenshot 1386 1

.........It use to be a quite peaceful town until it was hit by a very hard hurricane.

Screenshot 1356 1

.........Mr Fredrick Brown use to keep this office very clean.....but i guess clean is for the living now....

Screenshot 1345 1

........hello anybody home!

Screenshot 1375 1 1

........there is the great Yellow Bee......if Shelah was here she would have been in 10th grade.

Screenshot 1441 1

I once got an order of my brand new Muscle car..........i could remember the incident that happened on the great Cruiser S.S Armadah.....hundreds of people just lost in the sea....how tragic , or maybe not....at-least they left when the world was a better place....

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