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A game about friendship and jumping. Guide multiple characters through 100 puzzling levels. Narrated by Danny Wallace, and featuring an epic procedural orchestral chiptune score! We've been previewing really well.. and the game is now ready for release!

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That's really amazing, The narative style and talks are amazing kept me smiling :)


I really love this game!

Great game, it realy managed to take me away into the world of Thomas.
a LOT of different levels and mechanisms accompagned by the awesome naration and music.
Why is there an end =(

must have

I can't remember the last time I've been so impressed with a game.


This is a charming, polished puzzle platformer that quickly became one of my favourite experiences this year, and it was well worth the price of admission.

The game is broken out into ten chapters with ten levels each; each chapter introduces more characters with different mechanics. While Thomas himself is a rather standard platforming character, you'll soon meet Chris, the short, yellow square, who can fit into smaller spaces, but cannot jump as high, for example. Most of the levels require coordination between the different characters in order to reach the goal. Gameplaywise, there's nothing terribly original here, but it's a solid implementation nonetheless.

Each character you meet has its own endearing personality, presented by a brilliant narrator, who tells you the characters' thoughts as you progress through the levels. You quickly become attached to the different personalities as you encounter them throughout the game. (My favourite was the big, blue square -- you'll probably see what I mean when you encounter her.)

The rest of the presentation is also top notch. The visuals are simplistic and stylish. As a byproduct of the minimalistic presentation, it runs great on older hardware, which is nice. The soundtrack deserves special mention as well. It's a superb bitpop soundtrack, which combines electronic elements with more classical music, which serves to underscore the game's central thematic. The moodiness of most of the music meshes well with the melancholic narrative tone of the game.

In my eyes, the only potentially negative thing about this game is the length. For €8, you'll get a game that'll probably last you anywhere between 90 minutes to two hours. In my opinion, this is fine for the quality of the experience this game offers, but as always, your mileage may vary.

If you like games with a strong narration and engaging characters, it doesn't get much better than this, and you owe it to yourself to at least try out the demo. Highly recommended!


edlago says

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A brilliant game and an awesome experience truly inspirational for gamers and developers.

Gameplay ramps up at an appropriate pace with clean, simple introductions to new mechanics. The music is pleasant and not distracting, and the voice-overs are entertaining - wonderfully written expertly spoken. I'm so busy thinking about the paths to jump and enjoying the narration of the levels and the AI that it doesn't matter if they ARE blocks. Thomas Was Alone is simply excellent.


Great music, great puzzles, but above all, a fascinating way of telling a story, and a great story at that. Definitely give this one a try!

Fantastic little game. Heard about it from Size Five Games and I'm so glad I did (haven't seen any publicity elsewhere, though, which is really a shame! More people need to play this!).

I really couldn't stop playing until I had finished. Lovely, lovely, lovely. And bittersweet. And supremely original. The narration is charming and reminded me of the narrator from Milo and Otis (which is perhaps one reason I loved it so much).

My only complaint (and I am using the term complaint very loosely because obviously, I loved this game) is that a few of the later levels can get a bit tedious, especially if you mess up and have to start over. Not enough of an issue for me that it was worth taking a point from the score, though.

I would love to buy the soundtrack for this if it's available.


This is a game the way I like them. Keep up the good work.

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That's really amazing, The narative style and talks are amazing kept me smiling :)

Jun 30 2012 by amidos2006