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Therian Saga is not your typical role-playing game. Your heroes independently carry out the tasks you assign. Plan their days by making a list of actions to be completed. Your heroes will then go to work and complete the tasks, regardless of whether you're online or not.

Become a legendary hero

Your heroes, with the help of their companions, progress in a world of endless possibilities:

Put on your artisan's tunic and create masterpieces that will elevate you through the ranks of the kingdom's greatest artisans. Become a famous explorer by braving hostile territories, discovering unknown lands and returning with prized materials.

Become an experienced laborer, such as a miner or lumberjack, gaining the trust and confidence of the wealthiest lords and providing them with resources with a variety of extraordinary properties. Study the strange creatures of this new world, then tame and train them to become your most loyal allies.

Grab your shovels, trowels and planes to build estates the people will marvel at, or lay the foundations of a city that will delight counts, barons and duchesses for decades to come.

And much more…

Once you have selected your specialty, a true learning experience begins, in which your hero gradually builds the skills needed to accomplish legendary feats.

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Therian Greenlight Saga


The Den's Academy taking the colors of Greenlight

We are now on Steam Greenlight!!!! Pretty cool, huh?

We know that Therian Saga is a niche game which will please especially the most patient and most meticulous players. Greenlight should thus allow us to reach the players who will widen the community and with whom you will take pleasure to chat, to haggle and to collaborate.

The arrival of Therian Saga in the universe of Steam is, in reality, a dream for any independent developer. It is thus a very emotional day for Virtys and we hope that it will allow us to reach new summits. That is why we are sure that you will also support us in this new adventure. One way to do it is to go vote for us. You will find the links below this message. The other way to help is to write a little something in the comments section.

Thank you again for all those years!



I have been playing this game for more than 2 years, great game : the best i have ever played on internet.It is quite different from other game : no competition between players (no ranking)
you have to plan tasks to skill up your heroes (some takes hours) but you can have lots of characters. The players are much older than in other games because you have to be patient,

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This looks fantastic, I LOVE the art style.

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I love this game. Try it. :)
I've been playing now for more than a year and I haven't reached all my
goals yet. My hero is still learning. The hero and his companions need to be trained. In the beginning u might think it is easy to accomplish everything fast. Hey, no way ;) it takes time to reach the top.
U will need some patience, maybe some help from others. Do U want to do it all on your own or will u join a guild? Special buildings might help u to reach higher abilities or to create special items.
U will try to defeat bosses. Some of those bosses might drop a special piece of wood or a kind of leather or some ingredient u might need. Overall it is fun to play. :) Maybe we meet there. Tagor

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