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Information about our future selves, our identities, and what life holds in store is hidden away in the depths of our subconscious mind. All we have to do is play a little trick on nature so they pop up on command; so we can become the person we’ve been dreaming of. A thought is a living organism. It might at first seem disordered and absurd, but our mind organizes it and gives it meaning. But this process only happens in our conscience mind; we remain forever cut off from our subconscious thoughts. To read them we need the Writer. He converts thoughts into text, writes the story of the subconscious mind and helps people touch and interact with it. Before you are stories of the subconscious mind that the Writer recorded during the Identity Change Experiment. Please read these stories and gather the thoughts up together; they are locked away in the story and it is only you that can set them free, give them meaning. The story of the subconscious is in your hands.

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My name is Alexander. After the experiment I changed the identity. Who I am now is not so important, at the moment I'm more interested in who I was.

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Hi there,

My name is Alexander. After the experiment I changed the identity. Who I am now is not so important, at the moment I'm more interested in who I was. I just have -a video diary of the experiment, the stories of the subconscious mind and the coded memories.

Unfortunately I can't study these materials. My own body doesn't let me do it. While trying, I am gripped by the inner fear as if my body has gone through something terrible and it is afraid of the slightest mention of the incident. I don't know when it will recover and let me find out the truth.

Only you can decode the memories. Use the video diary and the game to discover them. Every memory hides one letter. It hides in one of the words. You will learn all about my past identity if you put the letters together.

The coded memories

1. On the day when the hunter feels like a victim, the observer will show the letter.

2. The piano will play, when the bodies hit the ground.

3. The number of the rescued women will dissolve in the destruction.

4. The chapter of the death of the conscious mind will set the table.

5. The magic number will indicate the letter in the materials.

6. A window will be opened on the day when it starts raining.

7. The plague will leave on the day of the death of the subconscious . On the day when the way was discovered.

8. The last cry of the dying subconscious will subside in the stream.

All you need can be found here:



If you will decode anything, let me know.
Please, help.

The Writer 2016 03 18 20 35 29 4 1

Unknown 2016 03 25 00 11 15 99

The Writer 2016 03 18 20 35 41 2

The Writer 2016 03 18 20 35 36 2

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