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A true-first-person VR game in homage to the classics such as Nethack and Eye of the Beholder, with a focus on survival gameplay.


[UPDATED] Beta 1 Build - Tested on the DK2, fixed menu functionality and fixed true black smearing.

Storyteller: Fireside Tales Beta 1
n00854180t Author

Known Issues (to be fixed in next version):

* Sometimes title selection will fail if a book was already selected and playing.

* Tesselation on the player body and head not working correctly and causing performance hit (to be removed next version - will be readded with correct version and more performance later).

* For Oculus Rift users, please make sure to enable vsync, and use the launcher to turn down the Anti-Aliasing, Shadows, View Distance and Effects to maintain a constant 75fps - next version will feature better performance for more graphical goodness.

* Second dripping water particle effect can't be seen by the player, and due to causing a large FPS drop, will be removed or toned down in the next version.

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When I play it says, missing MSVCP120.DLL and then when I place that in Binaries it says ''Program was unable to start (Oxc000007B) :(

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n00854180t Author

@CalemGames, I searched a bit and this AnswerHub answer (https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/14088/msvcp120dll-is-missing-from-your-computer.html) seems to say that is caused by not having the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Runtime installed.

Here's the link to the Runtime:


Let me know if that fixes the issue. Also I'm uploading a new build of the app that will perform a bit better and also has fixes for the menu system.

Thanks for letting me know about this problem!

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Already did this when I first had the issue, I spent a good long time trying to find out what was wrong but no luck, the game looks unreal too :( I want to play it for my youtube when I do get it working is that okay? :)

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n00854180t Author

I'd be honored to have a video made about it :D Feel free.


Weird, so no dice after installing the redistributable?

Hmm... looking at the AnswerHub question, it seems you may need to install both the x86 and x64 versions:



Did you install both, or just the x64? Lemme know if installing the other one fixes it for ya, if not I'll make a new post on AnswerHub and see what I can find out.

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