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Dodge, move, and rush through many different obstacles of all 15 stages. Each getting progressively difficult on each stage. Can you make it through the world of UMA.

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After I completed the first demo, I decided that it just wasn't enough to get people hooked. Now introducing, The UMA Demo - Version 2! This demo includes Stages 4 and 5, some of the more difficult stages.

There will be a UMA Demo - Version 3!

Also, I officially will announce that there will be Bonus Stages on the Main Menu. After the Full Version is released, I will begin to make some add-ons and modifications to the game.

I will also take some ideas from the community here at MOD DB.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy The UMA Demo - Version 2!


Welcome to the first PowerPoint Game on MOD DB!

Welcome to the first PowerPoint Game on MOD DB!


The Ultimate Mouse Avoider is a strategy game based on using your cursor to dodge through many different obstacles to get to the end of all 15 stages...

Making Animated Shapes

Making Animated Shapes

Other Tutorial

Learn how to animate basic shapes in PowerPoint. Make sure to download the demo in the download section!

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The UMA Demo - Version 2

The UMA Demo - Version 2

Demo 5 comments

This is it! This is the demo that will get you hooked, wanting more! Please enjoy it!

The UMA Demo - Version 1

The UMA Demo - Version 1


The official demo for UMA! Make sure to download, play, and watch the game form!

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