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You play as a lonely traveler who explores fantasy worlds made of cubes (voxels). On you way, you will meet different creatures (some of them are friendly, some - hostile), visit various biomes and locations, find dungeons and treasures. The world, quests, items, dialogues with npcs are procedurally generated (just like in Minecraft and similar games!) Unlike many other action RPGs, there are no pre-defined classes. Instead, there is one big talent tree: you can choise whatever you want along the game. You can come up with completely insane combinations, like warrior-healer, tanky fire mage or necromancer with bow - anything you can think of. TL;DR, main game features: - Voxel-based graphics - Random world, quests, NPC dialogues, etc - No class system, talent tree instead There are also: - Crafting system - Dungeons with bosses (and loot! :D) - Multiplayer (up to 5 people) - YOU CAN EVEN RIDE ANIMALS! WHAT ELSE YOU MIGHT NEED?

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