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The Tide is a voxel based 3D first person tower defense game, inspired by Creeper World. Players collect and process resources to build towers and power distribution networks to fight off creatures known as the Tide. The game features a 25 mission campaign, randomly generated skirmishes, and a map editor.

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The Tide Open Beta


The time has come. The Tide open beta is here. It is now available for purchase and download here. Check back periodically for updates.

Since this is the initial release, there may still be some bugs, be sure to post a bug report in the forum if you encounter one. I will fix it as soon as possible, also see the note on the known bugs on the download page.

Some History for those interested.
The Tide began as an effort to build a game in 3 days. After 3 days The game amounted to a simple voxel world, in which blocks could be removed and placed. I decided to continue the project and 8 months later The Tide beta was released. The Tide was inspired by Creeper world, and initially started with the premise, what if Creeper World was 3D, and first person? Over time The Tide has evolved into what it is today. This is the first game I've seen through to production, and will hopefully be the first of many, each better than the last.

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