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The "Terminal Angel Disease" is a Role Playing Game with a 4-piece party. Wander around on tile-based maps and fight against baddies in a mix of real time and strategy combat system. Epic story with lots of old-school moments and - of course - hundreds of items to loot. Please support us if you like and become a Fan on Facebook, where we post also first and frequent information! www.facebook.com/TheTerminalAngelDisease

Report RSS Pictures from Home! (Part 1)

A sack of new screenshots depicting some of the versatile landscapes in Bunga Terra Tissa Tu and surroundings!

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Being the protagonist of an old school RPG game doesn't necessarily mean your life cannot have more than 16 colors!

The Party shows their private album with photos of the most beautiful spots of landscapes in Bunga Terra Tissa Tu and surroundings.

(1) The Historic Centre

The Historic Centre

This place is what is described in guidebooks as the "Historic Centre" of Bunga Terra Tissa Tu. A top ten site to visit with pillars, lanterns, steps, and slimy monsters. The ancient wall bricks are found nowhere else.

(2) Stalactite vs. Stalagmite!

Stalactite vs. Stalagmite!

A flowstone cave! Once you're in, you'll never get out. Until you beat the ├╝ber-baddie *GIGANTUS*, who is blocking the teleporter back home. Awful game design... but soooo classic!!

(3) Wilderness is just a green dungeon.

Wilderness is just a green dungeon.

Every RPG needs a wilderness with brown trails and green grass colors! And trees to avoid the party from falling off the level boundaries.

(4) Thump the Table!

Thump the Table!

"Tables are you ready for jumping jumping?", as Kurtis the Blob puts it. But please sack all the items before start dancing. This picture was taken inside the old castle.

(5) Go down a dungeon. Meet interesting people. And talk to them.

Meet interesting people. And talk to them.

Inside the dungeon maze we have a chat with two NPCs. Sadly, they won't let
us pass their cheap magic barrier because they can. Seems they spent already a lot of time down there.

And that's it for today... We hope these pictures quicken your appetite for spending your next few free days in Bunga Terra Tissa Tu! Next time we'll explain these strange pink sparkling smoke pillars which can be seen on some of the images!!

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