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In the middle of battle, the floor beneath your feet rumbles and shakes, the sounds of the ground giving in striking fear into the hearts of those around you, friend and foe alike. Before you can get away from it, you find yourself falling and falling and falling and then... Nothing. Darkness alone keeps you company. You wake, not more than an hour later surrounded by soft moss and a cave of unrivaled size. You find yourself getting up and seeing a light far above your head, doubtless the place you came in from. It doesn't seem like most of the ones who fell with you could experience the same sight, slain by the fall. There's only one other person standing, but that armor... That's an enemy insignia. Are you willing to call for a truce to seek a way back to the surface? Or will you attempt the treacherous trek back on your own?

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In our first article we introduce the concept behind the game and some thumbnails our artist has created.

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Hello everyone! I am the lead writer for The Sunless Sky and I am here to tell you a little about our team and what we're doing here.

We are a three person team working on a school project, all of us with a passion for writing. Considering where our strengths lay, we figured our best option would be to create a text adventure game, where we could truly play to our talents. One of us will be working to get the story on the Twine engine while our artist will create backgrounds and character designs for our game, and in the meantime I'll be focusing on story structure and figuring out just what kind of stats and branches are needed to tell the story we want to tell. All of us will play a part in the writing, with one of our members having plenty of experience in consuming text adventure games, giving him a greater notion of the inner workings of these stories on a structural level, while the remaining two of us are much more experienced in the narrative department. We are confident that we'll be able to deliver a good story for you!

That being said, what story DO we want to tell?

It's a story about putting aside your diferences, a story about bonding with the very people you're willing to call an enemy. You will take the role of a soldier, fallen into a massive cavern with no way back to the surface in the middle of a battle. Many other soldiers have fallen, both from yours and the enemy's side, and it seems only you have survived the fall until you see an enemy soldier standing in the distance. And so the very first decision presents itself: Are you willing to work together to leave this place? As you explore the cavern to look for a way out you'll be sure to learn more about yourself, each other, and the sordid past of both of your nations.

Please look forward to it, because we'll look forward to you exploring this story!

Before I leave, I'd like to leave you with some thumbnails from our artist.




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