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The Stanley Parable is an extremely simple and easy-to-explain game about choice, story, failure, and why none of it probably mattered in the first place. You'll figure it out, I believe in you.

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Instead of having my traditional new-years wank I played this and was not disappointed in the least. So yes, this game is as enjoyable an experience, if not more so, than wanking.

Though really it is a great nongame with excellent commentary on how idiotic the games industry and gamers can often be. It's certainly worth getting and going through every last little corridor and finding every last 'ending.'

P.S. If you cheat your way to getting the Commitment or Go Outside achievements, die.


You know, The Stanley Parable is the most Videogame then any game can be Videogame. The level of interaction, possibilities and of course humor is gigantic, and if you want to find everything, you probably gonna have a long funny time.


Crypt says

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This game.


I don't know where to begin, I don't know where to end. Hilarious, clever, meta as ****. Thought provoking? It's a very different concept, and one that's equally hard to explain. One of the best games I've played in a while. An amazing recreation and extension of the original mod.


LoganPlaysDoom123 says

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10/10 Game of the year

Everything that can be said about this game has been, it's one of the best games ever.


This quote sums up my thoughts. "He then praised the game for its insightful and witty commentary into the nature of video game structure, and its examination of narrative video game tropes." In Layman's terms, IT'S AWESOME!!!!




You don't need to follow a story. You can make choices.
Also, the narrator.
Theses things makes the game funny and good to play.
I played every single ending, and i'm going to buy the next Stanley Parable if they do another one.


I think I got most of the endings. There were only a few more apart from the original that I found, even after spending all day on it looking for more. It's very interesting for an hour or two, but the $12 I paid (and full price $15?) seems like a lot to ask for what the game offers. I had higher expectations. Maybe it's because I was desensitized to some dialogue after remembering it from the mod. I wish I could find more endings because I feel like I'm missing so much. It looks like there's a lot there, a lot everywhere, when most of the time there's nothing important there. So many buttons and props that have nothing to do with the story but are there to troll you. I did that input puzzle until I reached the buttons room and I still don't know what that's all about. And I wish there was at least some filtering on the shadows so they wouldn't have such jagged edges. But overall this is a decent game. Just don't expect it to behave like a regular game.

(I think my favorite part is when the narrator took me to "someone else's game". That part really surprised me.)


this is a game of very interesting perspective the object of the game is really easy to understand find all of the missing coke cans. While this seems like a simple objective the game really create a great adventure with these missing cans and makes it more than just can picking BUY THE STANLEY PARABLE RIGHT NOW OR ELSE DON'T EVEN THINK OF PIRATING IT.

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