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The Searing Mountain is RPG 3D action adventure fantasy game. The game is about a female warrior that has to defeat an ancient, long forgotten evil army that has returned to the world. Outnumbered, the army attacked most of the human towns and villages and many were lost. However a protector of one of the villages, a very brave and noble warrior set out defeat this ancient evil. To accomplish her goal, she has to learn essential new skills, new spells and find long forgotten artefacts. The road won't be very easy as many of the powerful spells require to obtain special items, and the artefacts are spread throughout different places of the world.


The new version of The Searing Mountain includes 3rd person character controller, load and save game possibility, working level transition, working botmatch mode, improved existing features including inventory, spell controller, combat or triggers and switches

The Searing Mountain - Playable Version 0.7 (2021.03.01)
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