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Your goal in this retro arcade platformer is to take Dr. McSlime from the start to the goal, as fast as possible. On each level lurks tricky puzzle elements, and the key to success is often to keep your speed as high as possible. Bouncing against walls lets you keep most of your speed momentum, allowing you to get to the goal in less time. If you hit a wall fast enough, you will get an upwards speed boost which is often neccessary to overcome tricky obstacles. Many obstacles are unpassable if you don't have enough speed. The faster you complete a level, the better score you get on that level. The scores of each level add up to your total score. Future versions of Dr. McSlime will contain a level selection view where you can replay completed levels to improve your time, thus further improving your total score.


This is a work-in-progress demo of "The Return of Dr. McSlime", a retro-inspired arcade platform game under development. Your goal is to control Dr. McSlime from the start to the goal of each level, in shortest time possible. Navigate using the arrow keys, restart current level with R. If you encounter bugs or have suggestions or feedback, please leave a comment below or send a message to us. Can you beat the developers? Robinerd - 34800

PC version 0.7 - The Return of Dr. McSlime
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