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DESCRIPTION The Purring Quest is a stealthy platform game where you will meet Kimchi the cat on a journey to find his ill owner. Experience all the emotions as a cat: jump, hide, attack, climb, keep clean, ... Features Realistic hand drawn animations. Meet famous cats from the Internet. Visit beautiful places and scenes in a touching history, full of humour. Use silent skills to go unnoticed.

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Rubiyooo says

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Amazing game where you can control a cute cat. With incredible graphics done at hand and a soundtrack very beutiful. You will enjoy this platform game where you must to find your owner because he had a fateful event. While your way you will meet famous cats and dangerous enemies as dogs, rats, birds or objects of the scenary that can hurt you. This is a obligatory buy if you like cats and video games :3 Meowwwww!!


yangshindo says

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This game is awesome as a platformer. Reminds me of classics like SNES Alladin and The Lion King. Kimchi is such a charismatic cat and the game story is touching. The soundtrack fits very well. The gameplay is simple but very complete. You learn to interact with objects and how to play as you progress in your journey, no boring tutorials or things like that, everything you learn is by your perception and skills everything helped by good level design.


askwebfrog says

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