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The Panel DC is a puzzle game where you will turn valves, pull levers and push buttons.

After a night of feast with one of your friends, you decide to take a walk in the wood nearby to sober up. However, you get lost. After some time roaming in the forest, you make it to the front of an old closed down factory. Your friend bet that you were not brave enough to get in with him and look around the old building.

You take the bet and start investigating the factory. After a dark hallway, you lose track of your friend.

While you are trying to find him, you fall in a hole. So you’re stuck in a room with only an old panel and a locked door.

Start interacting with the panel elements and found the combinations. So maybe, if you discover how that panel works, you will be able to make it out.


  • 18 puzzles to discover and achieve
  • Available on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Steam achievements
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I'm remastering the game


Hi everyone,

A little more then a year after the "The Panel DC" release, I decided to remaster it.

I will redo all the code and assets with what I learn and train in this last year.

You can follow the game development log on Itch.io or have even more details on my blog.

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