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Information about Mining Project

In Mining Project you enter the role as a Miner your job is to extract a variety of different minerals and resources from the earth beneath you. To do that you need to dig or drill your way through the ground and make tunnels and try to find mineral or resource deposits. When you have found and extracted raw minerals or resources you will need to transport them up to the surface to your refinery where you can either sell minerals or resources on the market or store them for further use for your projects.

Mining Project is very much about mining, keeping control on your economy, selling and buying minerals and resources on the market and operating and maintain an effective and efficent mining opertion under and above ground.

Mining Projects will feature:

The Tutorial maps will give you a head start, showing you the controls and different equipment and how to use them.

Singelplayer will feature several mission in the campaign such as search and rescue, collection of different materials or resources or reaching a certaint depth on time, and more.

And ofcourse we will include multiplayer so that friends can play over Lan and Internet, mining, building and maintaining a working mining operation while working as a team to survive the harsh environments underground.

While mining underground there are a few things you and your friend should think about

  • Making and maintaining airshafts so that you can breathe down there.
  • Deploying lights in the sealing to allow you to see underground.
  • Deploying radio emitters so that you can stay in touch with your friends in chat.
  • Looking out for any potential danger while mining, you don't wanna be in a tight spot if you find water or oil.

And much more...

More information about everything will become available down the road of the development as we continue to work on the game.

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Optimizing and a New Feature

We are working hard on optimizing the game to use less memory to make it speed up (so far we've managed to make the game use atleast 10 MB less of memory), this is taking time ofcourse but we are happy to announce that we are now working on a Minimap for the game, we have not decided fully yet if we want a minimap or a fullscreen map that people need to toggle to see. Suggestions are welcome!

New graphics is also on the way which will make all larger grass tiles grow trees.
There will also be background mountains and other stuff to make the game look more alive.

Bad news are also on the horizon as our programmers computer seems to see the unhappy days of RAM failure, so the developement might be slown down cause of lack of computer performance, but ofcourse we will solve the issue as soon as possible.

See you next time!


Nice game, need any help with it?

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