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Step into the land of Tortura - giant forest that witnessed civilization last-gasp. As a looter, a man who’s making his living by retrieving items from the past, fight your way through brutal reality of humankind at its end. Explore the story of the land and people, discovering dark power lurking beyond everyone eyes.


Unique and immersive vision of the world in a beautiful pixel art graphic.


Unknown land, obscure forest, end of civilization in dystopia where hunter became a pray.


Fight ruthless creatures, discover new places, make your own path with the sight of your gun pointing the direction of next step.

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The Looter

The brand-new gameplay trailer for The Looter is here! See the new desolate corners of the post-apocalyptic planet of Tortura and struggle with deadly creatures that are always dangerously close!

The Looter is a 2D action-adventure game set in the post-apocalyptic land of Tortura, a giant forest that has slowly devoured the traces of civilization long gone. As the Looter, you set out on a mission that will take you through the most perilous corners of this dark and dangerous world.

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