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The Long Way is a sci-fi first person shooter game. This game is about a very big political conspiracy, which went out of control and had a very bad consequences on Earth and people.

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There is much to say about this game -- though I will save a majority of it for those who play it -- or at least attempt to.

Setting the art aside as one of the more debatable problems. Countless others plague this -- what should be developer alpha release.

The primary of which is making an end user select complex graphical settings off the bat, and of those who set them manually finding a nice friendly game freeze in their near future.

Much of the plot is carried out through unskippable cut scenes with plain Arial text in the middle (it also describes obvious events -- along the lines "Oh no a monster is in front of you!". But, above all is the sound. As anyone else besides me who will have the same problems with audio will know -- there was a loud 8-bit sounding looping artifact that, for the 1 minute I let it play, caused me a surprisingly severe headache (as a side note I let it play because sounded like it was part of the music saddly enough).

So why even 5 stars if the game caused you physical and mental pain and was barely playable because of bugs? Well, it was a refreshing experience. Its not another half-life zombie mod, its not another overly ambitious 12 year old making maps and gluing pictures of Balto and other strange and random things to news walls -- it is a game, written from scratch, with its own art, graphics, ai, rendering and sound. I am sure there will be others (probably the same 12 year olds creating non-sense) saying "this gam SuX!!111!" and giving it a star. But you know what? This is an honest and complete effort to make a game from scratch with a large amount of man hours and dedication associated with it, and I appreciate that.

Keep on working on it SGL, and next time, try not to do a release without some serious bug/gameplay testing.


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Story is nice. Gameplay beautiful! Finish this please!


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