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Steam Greenlight!

This is a survival game in the tropical African rain forests and grasslands.

A living, breathing environment

Advanced AI simulating animal behaviour.

Full climate and weather system.

What do you do in the game?

Explore Rain-forests, grasslands and mountain ranges. Role play as a wild silver-back Gorilla separated from his troop. You must survive the harsh environment finding food, water.

Make a shelter everyday from branches and leaves.

The ultimate goal is to be reunited with your troop, then protect them against predators and the environment. Can you regain their bonding after the separation?

As food resources dwindle, you must lead your troop to new areas while keeping them safe.

How long can you survive?

Why are you in greenlight?

The game is an indie experience from a small team with a focus on the environment and wildlife. We want to give you a true feeling of this amazing, vastly unexplored area of our planet.

Highly detailed environments.

Full day night cycle and accurate climate system.

Plant growth system.

Danger from poachers.

Threat from predators – Leopards, Snakes, eagles and more.

Enjoy and explore the beauty of the grasslands, rivers, and rain-forests of Africa. Authentically crafted terrain, vegetation and animals.

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The lonely Gorilla has been released into the wild (of Steam). It's my first PC game after a few mobile titles and I feel like I have learned a lot. I look forward to continuing adding new features and game modes as I look at the possibility of porting to consoles or other devices. My next game is also starting to take shape and will join Steam very soon.

I'd love some feedback on the game and currently it is on a 40% launch discount. I hope it appeals to indie gamers out there.



The Lonely Gorilla

The Lonely Gorilla


The lonely gorilla steam greenlight campaign is live now! Can you help him find a home within the jungle of indie games?

fundergroundgames Creator


The Lonely Gorilla has made it into the wild!

It is early access - NOT a finished product. The idea is interesting and unique (He says modestly), the next stage of development is based around social interactions with the Gorilla troop AI and redoing the map into larger biomes.

If this sounds interesting please comment, join the discussions or play a part in development by entering Early access. Currently on 40% launch discount on top of early access reduced price.

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