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The Legacy of Barubash is a story-driven action RPG being developed for Android tablets and phones. It follows the story of a young hunter named Kaleb. Choices made during gameplay will decide how Kaleb develops throughout the game and may even have long-reaching effects on the game world. A story complete chapter 1 will be released in Q1 2014.

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Factions are a fairly large part of Legacy of Barubash, and in this video I show you some of the progress we have made to raising large armies on the android devices. The battle at 2:49 has ~ 1000 mobs facing off against each other, and each is pathing and choosing targets independently.

Wraith invasions have been one of the more terrifying encounters in Barubash up until now, but even when outnumbered more than 3 to 1 the royal guards are able to dispatch them with minimal casualties. This is due to several mechanics, the first of which is the ability to stun on crit and the shear number of weak archers is able to stun lock the first row of wraiths.

Secondly Fireball aoe's now hit all enemies in their radius, while melee will similarly hit everything in their attack area which is especially deadly to tightly grouped enemies. The wraiths also benefit from this but due to stun will not be able to attack as often.

When spawning the same encounter with fewer mobs eg 25 royal guards vs 100 wraiths, the outcome is very different. There is insufficient melee to act as a wall between the wraiths and the weaker archers and mages and they fall quickly.

In the final game you will be able to determine composition of the armies, and choose which waypoints to attack other factions from, even take over other towns. This will change the world power balance and your ultimate reward will be access to faction specific shops.

This army test is available to all supporters in the current build of the game, and I look forward to seeing how many enemies you can comfortably spawn on different devices.

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