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The Isle is a first and third person open-world sandbox which will pit human teams and playable dinosaurs against one another on one of several intense islands in a struggle to survive.

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octavioxd says

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This game is all that a person who likes dinos would want.


Kanjula says

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One of the worst development teams I've seen. Prioritize modeling and developing exclusive dinosaurs over core dinosaurs still missing, that the vast majority could use. Regularly insult anyone with an opinion opposite of theirs and advocate bullying of those that disagree with them. Threads on their forums are closed for no reason other than they don't like the poster or they don't like what's being said, even if it's suggestions on how to improve the game or a civil discussion on game problems.

Any mention of game problems is likely to get you forum banned or mocked in one of the livestreams. leaving a negative review of the game, no matter how civil and well worded, is going to get you insulted in their live streams.

This game does NOT deserve the reward, not in the slightest. Not until they prove they can fulfill the promises they've made, and they learn how to take criticism, especially criticism worded to help and improve the game.

Until they stop the bullying, the personal vengeance against people with other opinions, the immature behavior and the lack of organization and actually show they are going to develop core features they promised and not just exclusive dinos only a handful are going to use, I don't think they deserve any sort of reward.


CrimsonReaper22 says

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I've been watching The Isle since the beginning and the game actually appears to be gathering steam since the somewhat rocky early access started. It shows promise in that regard and I hope to see it do well in the future. That said, I (among many others) feel however, the devs drag a lot of the game itself down. In short (and proven on numerous accounts) they act like insufferable children with nothing less then an absolute god complex who openly encourage their sycophants to insult and bully other players at the drop of a hat when they themselves don't partake in their own witch hunts. Should the devs finally and fully pull their egos from where the sun doesn't shine I feel it would smooth over a lot of ruffled feathers with their existing player base and help gain new players.


SammyDynamite says

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Not an traditional MMO but a unique one. I got this game early in production and everything they added since has been alot of fun to play. The closest to just being a dinosaur and running around that you'll get.


mrjamesweston says

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Dondi is such an amazing person working on his passion project. Literally one of the best survival games out there


Shquid says

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This game is a perfect survival game.The Dev team are working so hard for the new updated map to come out, so far its beautiful and there is so much to explore. I'm really looking forward to what they are able to produce in the future. (:


a.v.a says

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ByteMe95 says

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This game was fun when it first arrived on Steam. But now its not even a game, it's a walking and eating dinosaur simulator.

If you pause for a couple of minutes to explore, you might end up dying of thirst or hunger. It's not that enjoyable for people who don't have much time on their hands for online games.

The gameplay was destroyed by a game mode called 'Progression' which is far from being finished and requires virtually no skill, just eating and being idle in order to progress to the next dinosaur tier.

They add dinosaurs constantly, which is a plus. The dinosaur models are top notch.

The current map design is questionable. Your dinosaur is spawning in remote parts of the map where is literally nothing to do. The older maps seemed to be better personality than the current one.

With the latest developments The Isle has great ambitions, but it might fall in the category of that games where they have a lot of disparate features but it's not really enjoyable to play, because they make no sense or they are too hard to achieve.

I gave it a 7 because I had my fair share of fun so far.
Buy this game if you are a dinosaur freak and you have friends to play with. And bring a LOT of patience!


Greg2311 says

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10-10 never made so many friends befour.
and lost them the same day


skill154 says

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Game really is just overwhelming even for a beta. And also very enjoyable. :D

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