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The Hunted Chronicles is a first person survival horror game in which you take on the role of a lone survivor' Awoken by what seems to be an earth tremor uncommon in the city, you will be faced with horrific visions and alternate realities as you attempt to escape what hellish existence you have been thrown into' Grotesque visions and monstrosities dead set on destroying you, chances of survival are bleak' However to overcome them you will need to lose a part of yourself and give into the psychopathic emotions within you' Will you be? Or will you become, The hunted? Features: • Full dynamic lighting and shadows for the creepiest atmospheres • Unique combat system allowing for a hybrid free look and aim combination for projectile based weapons, and unique me lee game play allowing for gruesome final blows • Intuitive puzzles using a toggle able inventory menu to navigate your items and listen to audio tapes / logs' • Karma System allowing for altered states of mind and environments...


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