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The Guardian is a sci-fi action RPG game, about Gem that is
a "Guardian", stranded, after a terrorist action, on a planet filled with criminals, aliens and other scum. And there's only very few friendlies, and one of them are the broken robot, called ATZ_074 which follows Gem throughout most of the game.

The Guardians are the interplanetary police, and as Gem was taught, she immediately starts fighting hostile forces and try to find and kill the terrorist behind the attack. But maybe everything isn't like its seems, and like fighting criminals wasn't enough, she also has to get money to food and ammo, and build a base, to keep people from her stuff. So...

Can. You. Survive?

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New approach.


New Approach.

A few days ago i realised, that the project was way overambitous. I had actually known this for a while, but i thougt that it was posibble even though it would take long time. Now i know that if i should go through with this project it would take a long time, which is why i have chosen to take a different approach to the game, which i will post more about on a later post (You might already have seen a bit of it on Twitter). And this is why the game will look a lot different in the upcoming time.

Good day to you all.
// Aske K.

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