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Based off of The Frollo Show, a YouTube series by Chincherrinas, play as judge Claude Frollo and Gaston in their random adventures with many other strange characters throughout Notre Dame. Hey, even the worst of villains have an awesome side, so what's stopping Frollo from stopping his evil(er) cousins, escaping Hell, or stopping a zombie apocalypse? Watching the show is not required to play this, but do be cautious that the content can be controversial at times, we(Well... I...) only wish for an enjoyable gaming experience for all who play.

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What is going on


1: I am working by myself. I create the game, I make the sprites that aren't already made by RPG Maker, and blah. Currently, the only "workers" other than me are these people:
One Lazy Jon (Sometimes Playtester)
One Lazy Mya (Maybe one day will art)

2: I do plan to include most, if not everything from the show itself. The first few "episodes" will have few things pulled simply because it came from the YTP era, and won't have any story effect, leading it to be pointless.

3: As things will be taken out, even more will be added in. This is an RPG, not a show, so for some bits I will add things to make it more playable, compared to moving from cut scene to cut scene with the occasional battle. For example, I noticed the time spent in Hell was a bit too short, so I added the "Hell Maze", an area where Hades chases you around with items scattered everywhere, to keep it somewhat interesting.

4: No it's not costing money

5: No it's not going on steam

6: No it's not going on consoles

7: No it's not going on portable devices.

8: I do not have a release date "yet", but from what I can see it will probably be finished early to mid 2015, if I work periodically in large amounts. The time may be shortened when I can get the "team" I have to work, or get another one, but right now my only concern is getting the game itself to work.

9: Please, please please, do not use the sprites/art made here without asking. I am making really complicated characters here into small forms for no profit and purely for this game. If you have to use them, please ask and tell me what you're using them for.

10: If you want small updates, where I'll ocassionally post random tidbits of progress, a bit more often than here, feel free to follow the twitter Twitter.com

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